Finding the Wins amidst the Losses

As a new blogger going through the process of trying to find my “voice” for the NC Lake Living postings that you’ll find here on my blog pages, I’ve been reading a lot of interesting posts. While reading through different blogs I also read a lot of “interesting” blogs (if you catch my drift). Wow!

That said, between my own original content posts, I plan to share an occasional link every now & then to some other bloggers that shared a story that I found interesting (not “interesting”) and accurately portrays the pros & cons of lakefront living.

Please take a few minutes to check out this link — I think it’s a great example of realizing that not all wins and losses can be boiled down & calculated on a P/L spreadsheet.

Finding the Wins amidst the Losses

Finding the Wins amidst the Losses
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For the Love of the Lake… It’s Time to Set Sail

For weeks now I’ve been trying to figure out just what to write on this, my first ever blog post.

I’m certain my thoughts & observations — centered largely around real estate and some of the unique considerations when purchasing or selling a home on (or near) a lake — will not be celebrated literature today, or in any of the years to come.

So, rather than toil any longer about trying to pen an legendary opening line to one-up Herman Melville’s all time classic opener from Moby Dick

“Call me Ishmael”.

…I figured that I would just go easy on myself and “borrow” a little inspiration from Mr. Melville to introduce myself.

Call me Michael. Michael Schriver that is.

My goal with this blog is to provide information on some of the important “little things” to consider in the buying and/or selling process & help you smoothly navigate life at Lake Norman. On the surface, some topics may seem silly or trivial, but hopefully by the end of each blog entry you will learn something new, or at least I will have sparked your interest in a subject enough that you’re inspired to go a little deeper into some of the topics I cover on your own. Ultimately, as a Realtor/Broker my job is to make your decision to purchase or sell a home around Lake Norman as educated of an experience as possible.

I look forward to providing insight, relevant statistical info, a dash of opinion & if I’m lucky, a little bit of humor on a wide range of topics like…

  • Benefits battle between an HOA lake community vs. non-HOA options
  • Perils & profits of renovating an old home on the lake
  • The value proposition of buying a home with a pool vs. installing your own
  • Lakefront privacy considerations — Location, Location, Location
  • Things to consider when deciding to purchase a boat (are you going to fit under that bridge by your new home???)
  • Value of waterfront property vs. water view

…and much more.

520 Miles of Lake Norman shoreline to find your perfect place

Of course I welcome any constructive feedback you may have on a topic that I cover. I’m also happy to try to explore relevant topics that you suggest if they are something that I believe I can credibly present, and add value to for my readers.

I look forward to learning new things about the LKN area, sharing as much as I can with my readers, and engaging folks that dream about lake living & share the passion of spending time at, near or on Lake Norman the way I do.